Dear Changemaker, Leader, Holistic Practitioner, Healer, Therapist, Coach, Consultant, Wellness Professional,

You have amazing gifts to offer to the world…

You’ve got degrees, certificates, and wisdom to share

Your work is transformational and so needed …

Yet, there is something holding you back…


There are some missing links and you wonder what they are.


You think you need another degree or another certificate but I know that you already have everything you need to move to the next level…no matter what anyone tells you.

Maybe you’ve heard that you need to do things a certain way or follow a system but I’m here to say that your Heart and Your Soul already know the way… the one that is UNIQUE to you.

Maybe you’ve been told you need to raise your vibration by repeating affirmations, working with your mindset, or doing hypnosis daily…and the results are slow in coming.

You may have already tried these and you know they aren’t working for you. 

I know how frustrating and disappointing this can be.

Here’s the good news!  There is a way through.

I’ve found it and now I am teaching you how to do it too!

It’ all about the missing links… and how to connect them, how to bridge that gap…so that you finally step into the flow of the abundance you desire.

But no matter what has happened in the past, there is way to move forward.

Here’s the Secret, the One You Have Been Waiting For!

You already have everything you need!

It’s About Filling in the Missing Links!

And Then…



You’ll easily create and walk through manifesting your own Soul-inspired, personal intention … financial or otherwise. What dream would like to make real?


You’ll connect with your own Akashic Record to uncover and express your Soul Gifts so that you can easily fulfill your  intention and open your money channels.


You’ll receive healing and acquire self-healing tools that you can use forever. You’ll neutralize hidden saboteurs that cause you to spin your wheels, stop and start and generally interfere with your living your dream life.


You’ll be resilient and responsive in changing times so that you are confident in taking action. This is a powerful skill to have in our turbulent times.


You’ll have a powerful manifesting system you can use over and over again for the rest of your life…to fulfill your evolving desires and receive the abundance you desire.

You’ll naturally open your money channels and prosper!

Just Imagine!

What if you committed to uplevel and heal yourself, and so you transformed your business and your life?

What would happen if you finally stepped fully into your inner authority and could easily chart your path forward?

What would it be like if you neutralized your hidden saboteurs and were free to make new choices and create new results?

What if you could feel so secure and confident that you easily took the actions that resulted in attracting wealth with ease?

What if you felt understood, supported, guided, and cheered on as you become more of the true you and claimed your authority to manifest your desires?

What if?

This program was THE moment where everything in your life changes?

You’ve got degrees, certificates, wisdom, experience…maybe you’re a traveler, a seeker, an adventurer.

Yet, there is something missing and you don’t know what it is! It keeps you stuck, spinning, or confused.

I get it. I was once in that same spot except I couldn’t find anywhere to turn for the guidance and support I so desperately needed and craved.

And that is how “Coming Home to Your Soul & Open Your Money Channels to Prosper” was born…from my own experiences!

Are you ready to join the journey and change your life forever?

Are you ready to embody your Soul, slay your saboteurs and open your money channels?

You’re Invited To:



If you are ready to manifest your Soul-led Intentions and

receive easy prosperity, then…

Here’s what we will cover within this program:

1. Connect with Your Heartfelt Desires

This is such a crucial step and one that is often skipped over. It is through the heart and the soul that you can tune into your highest aspirations. And aren’t those the ones you want to spend your time and energy creating? So, this is where we will begin!

From the safety of your own beautiful heart, you will be guided to connect with your next level vision…the one that makes your heart sing.

From here, you will create a powerful intention that will be the focal point for the program. You’ll be bringing your own dream to life.

2. Embody Your Soul

Next level manifesting is not just aligning with your Soul but taking a big leap forward and actually embodying your Soul. Can you imagine the power you have available to you when you do this?

Now, it’s not something that happens overnight but you’ll learn how to go about doing it and you’ll get on the path of embodying your Soul.  This is not something that is being taught elsewhere and yet it is key.

3. Open Your Money Channels

As you progress through the program, you’ll be taking new action, reinventing yourself, and neutralizing hidden saboteurs. You’ll be expanding your ability to receive and to be guided. 

And that leads directly to opening your money channels to prosper. It’s the outcome you have been looking for.



Here’s what we will cover in each module of the Come Home to Your Soul program:

Module 1     


Set Your Foundation for Success

Align with Your Heart, Uncover your True Desires and Expand Into Your Greater Potential 

When it comes to manifesting, it is critically important that you tune into your true heart’s desire. This step is often skipped and as you can imagine, if you don’t take the time for this, then the rest of your efforts are aimed towards the wrong target. it all begins with coming home to your Heart and your Soul. And so that’s where we begin. You’ll get clarity on the right vision for you.

You’ll also explore the many facets of caring for yourself and you’ll create a self-care plan to support you in your daily life.

All of this forms a solid foundation so that you can achieve your true goals in peace and comfort.

Module 2     


Let Your Soul Lead: Accessing Your Akashic Record, Setting Soul Powered Intentions & Consciously Embodying Your Soul

Now that you know your true desires, it’s time for you to tune into your own Akashic Record.  There you’ll uncover your primary Soul Gift/Purpose and a Soul-based Key to Manifesting. And then, that’s just what you’ll do…create your own Soul-Led Intention. It could be a financial intention or any intention of your choice.

You’ll take a quantum leap forward and begin to embody your own Soul. There is nothing more powerful for dissolving barriers, healing, and stepping into the flow of abundance. This is a natural way for you to bring your dreams into physical form without efforting, pushing, or stressing.

There is nothing more beautiful and comforting than to embody your Soul.

Module 3     


Catch the Signals from the Universe: Using Awareness and Perception Shifts to Receive Your Desired Results

You’ll claim your inner authority. You’ll gain the freedom, confidence, and skills to chart your own path forward. When you depend on your own authority,  you have the resilience it takes to meet changing circumstances peacefully.

You’ll learn how to ask the right questions and how to rewrite your stories to be empowering. After all, you can tell yourself any story that you choose. Why not choose the most empowering ones?

As you do this, you’ll move forward, naturally and easily.

Module 4     


Expanding Your Ability to Receive: Enhancing Your Receptivity

The importance of amplifying your receptivity is often underestimated. For the most part, we have been trained at an early age that giving is better than receiving. It takes some rewiring to bring that relationship back into balance.

Part of this amplification is also about seeing your own value and being willing to stand up for it. So, of course, we will include that in this module as well.

These are key factors in actually being able to receive the bounty of the Universe and to opening your money channels.

Module 5     


Desired Results Accomplished: Taking the Action Steps that Create Desired Results

Here we explore and uncover the specific actions you need to take to manifest the intention that you set in the first module.

We will delve deeper into exactly what you need to do and what energetic choices will support you.  Then, we’ll create an action plan that you can implement immediately.

All modules include additional support materials which are in the form of healing transmissions, worksheets, journaling prompts, implementation steps, and guided meditations!

You’ll have everything you need to neutralize those hidden saboteurs, heal yourself, become the best version of yourself and fulfill your intentions with real-world results. FABULOUS!

Weekly Integration & Support Calls

Here you’ll receive personal attention, get your questions answered, be supported in moving forward, and receive healing transmissions, intuitive guidance and whatever else shows up.

Private Members Forum

This is an opportunity to connect with each other, share experiences with the community, ask questions and share your wins!

All Modules will be delivered as snack-sized videos via an online members area. Audio files and transcripts are also included for your personal learning style. There’ll be healing, meditations, and/or some written exercises in each module.

Upon enrollment, you’ll immediately receive the 3 Pre-Course Bonuses to support you.

Each week, there is a Live Integration & Support Zoom Meeting. Recordings and transcripts will be available.

You’ll be part of the private member’s forum hosted in the member’s area AND you’ll have lifetime access to the course as well.


Your Investment: US$997

Or six monthly payments of US$177


Upon enrollment, your pre-course activation bonuses will immediately begin and your personal sanctuary bundle will be available via your member’s area.  The remaining lessons will become available based on the class schedule listed on this page!





In addition to the program content, you’ll also receive:

Pre-Course Bonus #1

Opening to Receive Activation 24/7, 6 months

        • These activations will make it easier for you to receive
        • They will help you to recognize the giving and receiving are equally valuable
        • They will help you to welcome compliments, assistance, support, gifts, money into your life. 
        • They will help you to make yourself first in your own life
        • They will help you to release blocks to receiving

Pre-Course Bonus #2

Confidence & Clarity Activation, 24/7, 6 months

        • These activations will help you to get clear on what you would like to create 
        • They will help you remove blocks to knowing what your heart’s deepest desires are
        • They will help you strengthen your connection with your Higher Self
        • They will support you in knowing what are your best next steps and in taking confident action.
        • They will instantly find and remove blocks to aligning with your highest path.

Pre-Course Bonus #3

Create Your Personal Sanctuary Bundle

This bundle includes embodiment practices, connection with the beloved and creating your garden sanctuary. All together, these form your sanctuary where you are completely loved and safe. And it is from this space that you can make decisions, set your most aligned intentions, and take the actions needed to fulfill them.

You can return to use these tools at any time that you feel challenged, anxious, or lost…whenever you want to feel loved and supported. 

You are creating your own place of peace and connection.





Available Immediately Upon Enrollment: Your Three Bonuses to support you in moving forward quickly and safely.


Wednesday, April 28th, Module 1

Friday, April 30th, Integration & Support Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, May 5th, Module 2

Friday, May 7th, Integration & Support Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, May 12th, Module 3

Friday, May 14th, Integration & Support Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, May 19th, Module 4

Friday, May 21st, Integration & Support Zoom Meeting

Wednesday, May 26th, Module 5

Friday, May 28th, Integration & Support Zoom Meeting


We’ll email you each time a new lesson becomes available in your member’s area.

You’ll also receive reminders and access information for your Group Coaching calls.  And of course, we’ll record them for you as well!

This program is PERFECT for you if you are:



          • Committed to finally breaking through and creating real-world results.
          • Tired of limitations standing in your way and ready to expand.
          • Clear that new results come from taking new action.
          • Willing to engage in a process of change in a compassionate, nurturing, and supportive environment.
          • Excited about having a lifelong process for easy manifesting.
          • Can see this step as an INVESTMENT in your future.

This program is NOT  the best for you if are…


        • Looking for a “do it to me” or a “do it for me” solution.
        • Sure that you cannot be successful or create your dreams.
        • Looking for a quick fix or expect instant results.
        • Willing to push yourself to get results.
        • Happy to stay in your comfort zone instead of expanding into new territory.



Your Investment: US$997

Or six monthly payments of US$177


Upon enrollment, your pre-course activation bonuses will immediately begin and your personal sanctuary bundle will be available via your member’s area.  The remaining lessons will become available based on the class schedule listed on this page!

Still wondering if this is for you?


Are you spinning around or stopping and starting? Anxious, discouraged, and maybe even feeling depressed by the way things are in your business?

Overwhelmed by all the noise and direction coming from all the courses, books, self-development, online advice?

Desiring guidance on how to take your spiritual gifts and convert them into real-world results?

Feeling a lack of direction?  Lack of inspiration? Want clarity about achieving your true desires or purpose? 

Ready to exceed your current income level without adding more to your already full plate?

Primed to enjoy more peace, more joy, more prosperity, the easy way?



Your Investment: US$997

Or six monthly payments of US$177


Upon enrollment, your pre-course activation bonuses will immediately begin and your personal sanctuary bundle will be available via your member’s area.  The remaining lessons will become available based on the class schedule listed on this page!

Your purchase of “Come Home to Your Soul &

Open Your Money Channels to Prosper” includes:


Five Video-Based Modules, Delivered Via Your Online Member's Area

You’ll receive snack-sized videos (10 -20 minutes long), divided into a lesson or two, depending on the module. You’ll also receive an audio version along with a transcript. You’ll be able to consume the module in whatever form works best for you.


Three Pre-Course Bonuses

As soon as you enroll, you’ll begin receiving two distance activations:  “Open and Receive” & “Clarity and Confidence. You’ll receive these 24/7 for 6 months.
You’ll get immediate access to the “Safe Sanctuary”  guided meditation to support you as you heal and embody your Soul.


Five Live Integration, Support, Healing Zoom Calls

You’ll receive support, healing transmissions and be able to get your questions answered on these five 60-minute zoom meetings!  And of course, we’ll also record these calls for you in case you can’t make it. And there’ll be audio files and transcripts as well.


Healing Transmissions, Worksheets, Written Instructions, Meditations

Each module includes healing transmissions, written materials, activities, and appropriate supporting materials for that module. This is just another way to guide you as you journey to embodying your Soul and opening to easy prosperity.

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