Beautiful Soul,

What do YOU think?

I was looking through my emails and I noticed one from a big name manifesting coach. I decided to take a look.


She was speaking the truth about getting clarity, making a decision, creating an intention, and then committing.

All good although, for example, getting clarity is often done the wrong way (but that is for another day)!

And then, she just said, let go of attachments and resistance.  Prepare to receive it. The opportunity shows up.

Well, it looks so simple on paper but I can assure you that “letting go of attachments and resistance” can be a lifelong journey. 

Or it can happen in a moment!


I was shocked at how easily she glossed over this. I think it is a disservice to those who are not the most successful manifesters.

It can lead to feeling shame. Like what is wrong with me that I can’t just do this?

The answer is nothing.

You see what I have learned from my clients and my own journey is that “the letting go of attachments and resistance” is like a bell curve.

Some things go easily and others just don’t

Actually, I know for sure that sometimes you would gladly let go but you just can’t!

Sometimes you just don’t know what is holding you back, no matter how long you have tried to figure it out.

And sometimes you know what it is and you can’t just let go because the source is so deeply ingrained.

So, if you are stuck in some area of your life, don’t blame yourself.

Look deeper for those hidden saboteurs or get help from someone who actually understands them.

You see, Letting Go is a multi-faceted process.

But first, you need to know that you might have hidden saboteurs that sneaking around causing trouble.

Once you know that, you can focus on the solution.

This is why I have created a program to walk you through the manifesting process while embodying your Soul and addressing these hidden saboteurs. It’s transformative!

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We all have the amazing power to manifest, to take things from the invisible into the visible, to receive our heartfelt desires.

And we get to play with those powers and make the best of what is available to us.

We are blessed.

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