Serena Curran



The ReCreation Revolution

with Robin Quinn Keehn| The Liberated Life Podcast | 

The RE-Creation Revolution is about recreating who we are and how we do business to create the world we want to see.

  1. Let your mission lead you forward
  2. Reinventing who you are being
  3. Design a business around your soul
  4. Expand  your vision and who you are
  5. Your business is a vehicle for changing the world.

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Quantum Leap Your Abundance

with Stephanie Bellinger | The Spiritual Boss Babe Podcast | 

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The Magic of Soul-based Manifesting

with Julie Foucht | The Art of Feminine Business Podcast | 

Serena and I dish on:

– What are Akashic records and what info do they carry

– Manifesting archetypes and how they serve us

– Hidden saboteurs that affect your ability to manifest and grow your business

– Reasons why manifestation works differently for different people

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Writing Your Future in the Akashic Records

with Jennifer Spor | Awake & On Purpose Podcast

  • The new paradigm of business
  • Manifesting myths
  • Living in congruence with your heart and Soul
  • Business Acceleration

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Wealth by Soul Design

with Tiffany Cano | Knowing You Show | 

  • How Serena got started as a healer, 
  • Where spirit has taken her
  • About the Akashic Records
  • Importance of shifting your identity to create wealth.

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Discover Your Soul’s Blueprint for Manifesting

with Ashley Gordon| Badass Manifester Podcast

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Stop Chasing Your Purpose

with Robin Quinn Keehn | The Liberated Life Podcast | 

  • What are the Akashic Records
  • Creating the right environment for money flow,
  • Your purpose is simple…no need to chase after it 
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Aligning with joy

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Success Archetypes & Manifesting

with Stephanie Bellinger | Spiritual Boss Babe Podcast

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Harnessing Your Success Archetypes to Supercharge Your Business

with Tracy Gaudet | Practical Ascension | 

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