Serena Curran



Emotions Can Guide You Through Grief

with Georgena Grace (Egglestong | Integrated Wellbeing | 


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Wealth by Soul Design

with Liz Petereson| Raise the Vibe With Liz Podcast| 


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Emotional Health and Your Soul’s Blueprint

with Einav Avni | Healing Conversations

  • Role of emotions in your health
  • Tips on processing emotions
  • How your Soul Records (Akashic Records) can affect your health.


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Cosmic Play: Unlock Prosperity with Synchronicity

with Dr. Beverly Lawrence | Dancing Bear Enlightenment Academy | 

  • Discussion about Synchronicities
  • How you can invite them into your life.
  • Role they play in your business and your prosperity.

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Easy Soulful Tools to Evolve and Prosper

with Virgina Parsons| Inspirational Business Women Show | 

  • How does alignment lead to wealth.
  • An easy but essential step to align with your soul.
  • What is self-sabotage really?

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The ReCreation Revolution

with Robin Quinn Keehn| The Liberated Life Podcast | 

The RE-Creation Revolution is about recreating who we are and how we do business to create the world we want to see.

  • Let your mission lead you forward
  • Reinventing who you are being
  • Design a business around your soul
  • Expand  your vision and who you are
  • Your business is a vehicle for changing the world.

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Quantum Leap Your Abundance

with Stephanie Bellinger | The Spiritual Boss Babe Podcast | 

  • Power of the Akashic Records in guiding you in your life and business
  • Personal stories about the magic of trusting and surrendering
  • Create your business in alignment with your Soul
  • Importance of asking the right questions
  • About accessing the Akashic Records

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The Magic of Soul-based Manifesting

with Julie Foucht | The Art of Feminine Business Podcast | 

Serena and I dish on:

  • What are Akashic records and what info do they carry
  • Manifesting archetypes and how they serve us
  • Hidden saboteurs that affect your ability to manifest and grow your business
  • Reasons why manifestation works differently for different people

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Writing Your Future in the Akashic Records

with Jennifer Spor | Awake & On Purpose Podcast

  • The new paradigm of business
  • Manifesting myths
  • Living in congruence with your heart and Soul
  • Business Acceleration

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with Tiffany Cano | Knowing You Show | 

  • How Serena got started as a healer, 
  • Where spirit has taken her
  • About the Akashic Records
  • Importance of shifting your identity to create wealth.

Discover Your Soul’s Blueprint for Manifesting

with Ashley Gordon| Badass Manifester Podcast

  • Ashley shares her experience in receiving a reading and clearing with Serena
  • Learn how you create your future in the Akashic Records
  • Serena shares how she helps clients align with their Soul to create wealth and success

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Stop Chasing Your Purpose

with Robin Quinn Keehn | The Liberated Life Podcast | 

  • What are the Akashic Records
  • Creating the right environment for money flow,
  • Your purpose is simple…no need to chase after it 
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Aligning with joy

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Success Archetypes & Manifesting

with Stephanie Bellinger | Spiritual Boss Babe Podcast

  • What is Soul Confidence and how it supports your growth
  • What is your purpose really
  • Following your passion leads to using your unique talents for greater impact and income

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Harnessing Your Success Archetypes to Supercharge Your Business

with Tracy Gaudet | Practical Ascension | 

  • Importance of your perspective in creating your future
  • Transformative power of the Akashic Records
  • Aligning with your Soul’s purpose for greater success
  • Shifting into your Zone of Geniuse to magnify your abundance

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