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 Change Makers, Visionaries,

Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

Welcome to each of you who desire to make a profound difference in the world while embracing prosperity, freedom, peace, and pleasure.

You’ve done remarkable things on your journey, earned degrees and certificates, worked with clients, and had many adventures. Yet, you feel something is missing, and that uncertainty is so demotivating.

I expect you have a deep desire to wake up each day with excitement and inspiration and I sense that you have occasional moments of feeling lost, unsure about the next step, or hampered in your growth. Believe it! These are moments of great opportunity.

From my experience working with countless women around the world, I can say with absolute certainty that you already possess all the gifts needed to take a leap and create your dream life. My deepest desire is to guide you to break free, confidently meet your challenges, and become your own guru.

As a Soul Liaison, Spiritual Business Mentor/Healer, and Akashic Record Channel, my mission is to lead you on a journey of deep transformation in a safe and nurturing space.


      • You’ll claim your own power to evolve yourself and effectively meet challenges as they arise.

      • You’ll embody your unique soul powers while gaining the insights and practices to freely expand and become the person who easily achieves your goals.

      • You’ll comfortably build your business with grounded actions and soul-aligned strategies and you’ll manifest the wealth, impact, and income you desire.

I am so excited about what is ahead for you and what you are creating. I look forward to getting to know you personally and I’m thrilled to offer my unwavering support every step of the way as you expand and powerfully create our New World.


With love and gratitude,
Serena 🧡🧡🧡


Soul Wealth Treasure Map

Effortless Big Leaps: Your Manifesting Archetypes Revealed

Whether you already have a business or you are thinking about starting one, you’ll get deep clarity on your wealth codes, soul powers, and detailed information on how to use them in business.

You’ll be clear on your best business model and structure, possible business pitfalls, and how to navigate them.

And then there’s the life-changing clearing of hidden saboteurs that are held at the soul level. This puts your business & life on a new accelerated pathway.

Then, you’ll learn about your personal process for manifesting to create greater ease in receiving your desire. This is a quick, sure path to increase your wealth, your joy, and your money flow.

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Rise UP!

Simplify, Soulify & Amplify Your Business

Private Mentoring Program to expand and break through your upper limit. You’ll step into an elevated version of yourself and bring your singular gifts to help create our New World.

You’ll discover new dreams and a bigger vision. You’ll step into them with ease as you are nurtured and supported to be more than you thought possible. You’ll comfortably take leaps that expand your business.

You’ll enjoy the wealth of more impact and income without sacrificing your freedom or your well-being. All the while, you’ll gain practical tools for aligning with your Soul and charting your way forward.

Details Here

The Wealth Amplifier

Embrace the Path to Making More Money with Ease

In this group program, you’ll immerse yourself in deeply nourishing, supportive, and evolutionary experiences and processes that you can continue to use for the rest of your life.

You’ll gain the means, confidence, and courage to take big leaps, open your money channels, expand your impact and chart your course forward with ease and simplicity.

You’ll connect with the Source of money and have the freedom and well-being you desire while making a difference and helping to create our New World. You’ll be able to navigate comfortably in changing times and feel safe and secure in a chaotic world.

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What Clients Say

“I am endlessly grateful for Serena and the work we did together. It is hard to put the “how” into words, but it was magical. It supported me in creating major fundamental shifts in my energy and the way I was showing up in business.

Through our work, I gained more clarity on myself and was empowered to make new choices, different from how I would operate in the past. It brought me great awareness.

And as a result, my calm confidence in my success has increased exponentially, my revenue has increased and my understanding of how to fully align within myself and my business is a superpower.  Thank you, Serena!”

Tracy Litt, CPC, RTT
Spiritual Advisor and Mindset Coach 

” Why wasn’t I as successful financially as I thought I should be given how happy people were with my services?

Serena uncovered the roadblocks that were built into my being and I feel more freedom to work in a manner consistent with who I am.

She helped me see why and how to change up my business model to give me the freedom I craved and need to be successful. I highly recommend her guidance!”


Dr. Deborah Wood-Schade
Sports Chiropractor/Pilates instructor
Founder, Dragonwood Wisdom and Wellness

Serena gave me the confidence boost I needed to believe in my gifts and the courage to send it out into the world. 

I wrote my program after applying her guidance and since then have been completely overwhelmed by the positive response I am getting to it.

Serena is so incredibly gifted in connecting with your core strengths in a spiritual way and in the process opens up an entire world of possibility and opportunity.

I will forever be grateful and cannot recommend her enough!


Naomi Broomberg,
Mindful Living Coach and Personal Stylist

“In working with Serena, I received a better understanding of who I am and what my gifts are. I have learned what methods will work best for me in my business and how to work with what comes naturally for me.

Serena also helped me finally move forward in my life after a long period of stagnation where I was feeling uninspired. I’m now embracing new opportunities before me and am excited about my future!

If you’re lacking direction and want to know how to work with your natural gifts to be in alignment with your soul, Serena will get you there! It was a pleasure working with you, Serena! Thank you!”

Heather Cameron
Empowerment Coach

“Serena has a true gift…working with her changed so much for me! I saw clear as day what my gifts were and was able to translate them into my life and business. After working together, I had the biggest month in my business ever and it’s been growing ever since.

Serena has had a huge role in my growth over the last 5 years using her gifts and skills to help me move through blocks that were holding me back. I highly recommend working with Serena!”

Jordan Duvall
Ignite Your Soul Brand
Brand Strategy & Success Coaching

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