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Soul Wealth Treasure Map

Your Manifesting Archetypes Revealed
Accelerate Your Outcomes


Discover Your Wealth Codes

Imagine unlocking the secrets of your unique Wealth Codes, contained within your Akashic Records (Soul Records).

It begins with uncovering the incredible power of your Soul Gifts, fully releasing you to express those powers, and exploring your personal 7 Keys to Manifesting.

Embarking on this journey with your Soul Wealth Treasure Map is like discovering a hidden treasure that’s been waiting just for you!

Synchronicities appear, doors open – doors to expansion, to deeper understanding, and to your true potential. You’ll experience rapid and effortless acceleration.

You’ll gain insights into how you’re uniquely designed to conduct business, connect with your clients and team, and take actions that resonate deeply with who you are. It’s about aligning with your true self to create greater impact, increase your income, and embrace the freedom you deserve.

You’ll transform your life and your work by blending spirituality with practicality for extraordinary results. Let’s embark on this journey together, toward a future of greater impact, income, and freedom.

You’ll experience Wealth by Soul Design!

Client Results:

Doubled income within 24hrs

Closed their biggest sale ever within 24hrs

Guest speaking opportunities at dream events

Wrote a book and held first live event ever

Changed agencies and tripled income

Cleared all outstanding credit card debt and loans within a few months

Created new inspired income channels within weeks

Unexpected 10K raise

Unexpected windfalls and money miracles

Gained widespread recognition after years of obscurity

Improvement in personal and business relationships


Your Soul’s Blueprint

You’ll receive a detailed explanation of your 2 primary Manifesting Archetype or Soul Powers, the key to fulfilling your Soul Purpose. When you align with and express your Soul Powers to naturally step into the flow of wealth and abundance. 

You’ll learn about where your soul originated and how that can impact the way you do business most effectively.

Your soul also came here with a specialized skill that helps you know more about your soul mission and particular skill that you can use in your business.

When you know your life lesson, you’ll integrate that into your business to add some additional focus to boost your success.

You learn about your essential organizing principle. It is the way you are designed to create and is critical to your success.

Clearing of Hidden Saboteurs & Activating Your Manifesting Archetypes 

They often cause blocks that you are unaware of, repetitive troublesome patterns or experiences, and puzzling outcomes. These hidden saboteurs are held at the Soul level and are not cleared through emotional or mental healing. These interferences with your Soul Expression can be the source of ongoing challenges that you are unable to resolve. When these are cleared, you immediately release karma and collapse timelines. You step onto a new trajectory for your business and your life.

7 Soul-Based Keys to Manifesting

Multiply Your Manifesting Prowess.  You’ll get a roadmap of your own personal manifesting style. Yes, each person has their own unique way of manifesting.

You’ll know how to take action so you manifest with ease and joy. You’ll optimize your ability to create and fulfill your intentions so that you achieve the best results in your business and your life. You’ll have YOUR own how-to for manifesting.

You’ll get insights on your ideal client, the type of target market, how to create offerings, the best way for you to set intentions, how to shift your vibration effectively, and how you are motivated to take action.

These keys also guide you in the selection of your business model and structure. You’ll have your own map for manifesting your desired life and business.


Intuitive Alignment


Between readings sessions, you’ll receive intuitive guidance and assessment sessions. You’ll get advice on of your current alignment with your Manifesting Archetypes (Soul Gifts), on how you can increase your alignment and guidance on growing your business and achieving your intentions. These intuitive sessions help you to use your gifts on a day-to-day basis.



Here’s What Clients Say

Serena is seriously phenomenal. She shares so much magic. So, make sure you connect with her.

I had a session with her, not too long ago and it was freakin amazing. It was seriously… I felt an energy shift like immediately and it was really powerful.

Stephanie Bellinger
Spiritual Boss Babe
Cosmic Channel, NLP Trainer

Serena has a true gift. Her “Soul Wealth Map” program changed so much for me! I saw clear as day what my gifts were and was able to translate them into my life and business. After working together, I had the biggest month in my business ever and it’s been growing ever since. 

Serena has had a huge role in my growth over the many years using her gifts and skills to help me move through blocks that were holding me back. I highly recommend working with Serena!

Jordan Duvall
Ignite Your Soul Brand
Digital Creator

Can I celebrate quickly?

Serena is also about helping entrepreneurs to make more money, more impact.

And literally, now, I just received a large PayPal notification. So, thank you Serena  for this energy.

Ashley Gordon
Bad Ass Manifester Podcast
Quantum Coach

I am endlessly grateful for Serena and the work we did together. It is hard to put the “how” into words, but it was magical.

It supported me in creating major fundamental shifts in my energy and the way I was showing up in business.

Through our work, I gained more clarity on myself and was empowered to make new choices, different from how I would operate in the past. It brought me great awareness.

And as a result, my calm confidence in my success has increased exponentially, my revenue has increased and my understanding of how to fully align within myself and my business is a super power.

Thank you Serena!

Tracy Litt
The Litt Factor
Science & Spirituality Teacher

I heard Serena on a podcast and felt guided to connect with her. Once we actually had a conversation, I mean here spirit was so genuine and pure.

Man the uplevel after I started working with her has just been awesome. I mean you can’t make this up. I went from being behind on my mortgage and physically sick to really turning my life around. In a short item of the summer, I was able to get out of the hole.

And so I think that working with Serena is the best investment that you can make in yourself and in your future. So, I highly recommend Serena

Monica D. Johnson
Dreamer-Doer-Serial Entrepreneur

I had no idea what to expect from our initial session. To say she blew my mind from the get-go is an understatement!!

Unbeknownst to her at the time of our first session I was completely stuck in the direction I needed to go with a new program I was writing.

But after 1 hour of working with Serena,  I gained absolute clarity about the direction of my work – for now as well as the rest of my life. She gave me the confidence boost I needed to believe in my gifts and the courage to send it out into the world.

I wrote my program after applying her guidance and since then have been completely overwhelmed by the positive response I am getting to it.

Naomi Broomberg
Mindful Living Coach
Personal Stylist

This program is PERFECT for you if you are:


        • Ready to take the easy way of creating consistent abundance by aligning with your Soul's Blueprint.
        • Are open to receive detailed, actionable information that you can use to create new results.
        • Tired of limitations standing in your way and ready to expand.
        • Clear that new results come from taking new action.
        • Are a Spiritual Seeker, Change Maker, Activist, Therapist, Healer, Coach, Holistic Practitioner ready to go to your next level.
        • You are Spiritually gifted and are wondering how to use your gifts to live your purpose and make a contribution
        • Can see this step as an INVESTMENT in your future

This program is NOT  the best for you if are...


        • Unwilling to take new action based on your Soul's Blueprint
        • Sure that you cannot be successful or create your dreams.
        • Willing to push yourself to get results
        • Looking for a one size fits all solution
        • Happy to stay in your comfort zone instead of expanding into new territory.


Overview of the Program Structure

2 Akashic Record Reading Sessions

3 Intuitive Guidance Sessions

Detailed Written Report Explaining Your Manifesting Archetypes

Details on How to Use Your Manifesting Archetypes in Business

Detailed Written Report on Your 7 Soul-Based Keys to Manifesting

Details on Using Your 7 Keys in Business & in Life

Clearing of Hidden Saboteurs Blocking Your Ability to Manifest

Recording of Reading Sessions

Ongoing Assessment of Your Alignment with Your Manifesting Archetypes & 7 Keys

Intuitive Guidance, Business Advice, and Healing

Freedom to Book Your Calls to Suit Your Schedule

All Sessions are held by Zoom


How the Program Works

  • As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive an email receipt with instructions on how to make your appointments.

  • You’ll be asked for your birth date, birth name, and place of birth. This is used to confirm your Soul’s identity in the Records. 

  • Providing your birth information also gives me permission to access your Akashic Records. 

  • I’ll read your Akashic Records and give you a detailed written report about your Soul’s Blueprint.  You’ll receive direction on how to use your Manifesting Archetypes in business.

  • By zoom, I’ll answer questions, teach, and tell you about your hidden saboteurs, where they came from, and then clear them from your Records with your permission. 45 minutes, recorded

  • About 7 to 10 days later, you’ll receive a written report with the details of your 7 Soul-Based Keys to Manifesting

  • Via zoom, we’ll review your Keys to Manifesting and how you can practically use them in your business and your life, 45 minutes, recorded

  • You’ll also have 2 Intuitive Mentoring Sessions in between your readings to receive guidance and direction in practical applications of your Manifesting Archetypes and the 7 Keys to Manifesting. Each session is 30-45 minutes and included intuitive guidance, healing, business and alignment advice.  

  •  You’ll also receive ongoing assessments of your % current alignment to your Manifesting Archetypes and Manifesting Operating System and guidance on how to come more fully into alignment.

  • You’ll enjoy the remarkable benefits of using the Akashic Records for Business.

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