Soul Wealth Map

 Build Your Wealth, the Easy Soul-aligned Way

Connect and Align with Your Purpose & Your Soul Blueprint for Flowing Business Prosperity

When you are here to create change and to make an impact, aligning with your Soul Wealth Map, your Wealth Map is the next life-changing step!

It’s how you create more ease, flow, and wealth!

And it starts by discovering your Manifesting Archetypes and your Manifesting Operating System. You’ll get clarity on the easiest, simplest path to wealth in your business and your life. 

Results from My Previous Clients:

Doubled income within 24hrs

Closed their biggest sale ever within 24hrs

Guest speaking opportunities at dream events

Wrote a book and held first live event ever

Changed agencies and tripled income

Cleared all outstanding credit card debt and loans within a few months

Created new inspired income channels within weeks

Unexpected 10K raise

Unexpected windfalls and money miracles

Gained widespread recognition after years of obscurity

Improvement in personal and business relationships

Who is this For?

Spiritual Entrepreneurs, transformational experts, healers, teachers, and change-makers of every kind. You could have a full-on business, be seeking to uplevel, be pivoting in your business or be an entrepreneur wannabe.

Who is this Not For?

People who are not coachable or don’t relate to the spiritual world or who are unwilling to take action on what they discover.




1. Manifesting Archetypes

Discover your Soul Gifts, align and express your gifts to naturally flow into wealth and abundance.

2. Soul Origination

This is the second most important facet of your Soul and adds a distinct flavor to how you naturally function and use your Soul Gifts in business.

3. Soul Specialization

This is the specialization or skill set that helps you know more about your purpose, mission and particular competence, especially in business.

4. Life Lesson

Your primary life lesson informs WHY you do what you do in business. Integrating your life lesson into your business gives you focus and boosts your success.

5. Organizing Principle

This is the way you are designed to create. It is essential that you know and allow yourself to create according to your organizing principle, especially in business.

6. Manifesting Operating System

This tells you how to take action to manifest with ease and enjoy the best results in your business. You’ll get insights on how to create an intention, how to initiate change, how to shift your vibration effectively, how to manage goals, how you are motivated to take action, and who you are here to serve.


7. Clearing of Hidden Saboteurs & Activating Your Manifesting Archetypes

They often cause blocks that you unaware of, repetitive troublesome patterns or experiences, and puzzling outcomes. These saboteurs are held at the Soul level and are not cleared through emotional or mental healing. These interferences with your Soul Expression can be the source of ongoing challenges that you are unable to resolve.

8. Assessment of Your Alignment to Your Manifesting Archetypes and Manifesting Operating System

Ongoing feedback and assessment of your alignment with your MA and MOS.


Written Reports

Recording of Reading Sessions

Freedom to Book Your Calls to Suit Your Schedule

All Sessions are held by Zoom Audio 

What the Process Looks Like

  • You provide birth information and permission to access your Akashic Records. No access or changes can be made in your Akashic Records without your permission. You are in charge.

  • I’ll read your Akashic Records and give you a written report detailing #s 1-5 of your Wealth Map. You’ll receive direction on how to use your Manifesting Archetypes in business.

  • By zoom audio, I’ll answer questions, teach, tell you about your hidden saboteurs, where they came from, and then clear them from your Records so you leap forward. 45 minutes, recorded
  • About 7 to 10 days later, you’ll receive a written report with the details of your Manifesting Operating System.
  • By zoom audio, I’ll answer questions and go over your Manifesting Operation System with you, 45 minutes, recorded
  • You will also receive an assessment of your current alignment to your Manifesting Archetypes and Manifesting Operating System.
  • And 21 days later, by Zoom Audio, a check-in assessment of your alignment progress.


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