Connecting You, Your Soul, Your Purpose, and Your Business

When you are here to create change, to prosper, and to make an impact, aligning with your Soul Wealth Map is the next life-changing step!

It's how you create more ease, flow, and wealth!

And it starts by discovering your Manifesting Archetypes and your Manifesting Operating System. You'll get clarity on the easiest, simplest path to wealth in your business and your life. 

Results from My Previous Clients:

  • Doubled income within 24hrs
  • Closed their biggest sale ever within 24hrs
  • Invited to speak at dream event
  • Wrote her first book
  • Held first live event ever
  • Guided to a new agency and tripled income
  • Quickly cleared all outstanding debt and loans 
  • Created inspired income channels within weeks
  • Unexpected windfalls; Unexpected 10K raise
  • Ended years of obscurity and gained fame
  • Resolved a variety of personal issues

Wisely Wealthy Spiritual B School

These courses on based on soul alignment and up leveled spiritual principles of manifesting. They are intentionally streamlined with short videos and worksheets that walk you easily and quickly from building your energetic foundation to creating practical outcomes and usable marketing tools that will move your business forward.

Wisely Wealthy B School courses are designed to give you the maximum return for the time and money you invest. Take a leap in your business using smart business tools coupled with spiritual acceleration.


Identifying the underlying cause of your persistent or chronic health issues, feelings of malaise, or lack of well-being.

In these Medical Intuitive Readings and Healings, the core basis for your challenges is pinpointed and addressed through intuitive guidance, energy healing, and if need Soul Level corrections in the Akashic Records.

Nurtured, Supported, Restored

Your session may include Serena'a Quick Trauma Release Protocol. This is her simple, effective, and painless way of addressing traumatic experiences that are blocking your ability to manifest.

Don't let physical or emotional issues prevent you from reaching your full potential. Book your session below!


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