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Hello Beautiful Soul,

I’m Serena Curran, a trauma-informed Spiritual Teacher, and Healer and I’ve been doing transformational work for over 25 years. I love working with Change-Makers, Wayshowers, Disruptors, Healers, Holistic Practitioners, Coaches and Therapists who are at a crossroads and want to grow their business. Even with all their degrees, certificates, training, and healing, they often feel incomplete and aren’t sure what is missing. I help them put all the pieces together.

I like to say that I lived the “laptop” lifestyle before there were laptops. I traveled and lived in Europe and all over the US while doing my work, following my intuition, and living by the seat of my pants so to speak.

I’ve lived in some of the most beautiful places in the world. Among them are Kauai, HI, Paris, France, Vienna and Salzburg, Austria, Boulder, CO, and Sedona, AZ. I have a million amazing manifesting stories from my many adventures

I’ve also been a serial international entrepreneur and had careers as a Scientist, Marketing Manager, Salesperson, Art Consultant, Spiritual Teacher, Trainer, and Healer. I’m a lifelong learner and am always exploring something new.

Over the years, I’ve earned an MS in Chemistry, an MBA in Marketing and numerous certificates including as a Certified Energy Healer and an Akashic Record Reader. I’ve truly read thousands of books on transformation and healing.

In the last several years, I have specialized in reading the Akashic Records in a very detailed way so that my clients get a Soul Wealth Map that gives them insights into their gifts, their purpose, and their easy path to wealth. They discover how they are uniquely designed to do business, to market, to relate to their clients and team, and even to the best way to take action and to manifest. It’s like having a treasure map that you can use the rest of your life to guide your decisions.

In addition, hidden saboteurs are cleared from your records which has resulted in clients doubling income overnight, booking their biggest client within 24 hours, and actually putting their business and their life on a whole new trajectory.

I am also teaching online courses including Enchanted Living: Navigating with Your Soul. You’ll learn how to merge with your heart and soul, fill in the missing links and chart your course forward in ease and simplicity. You’ll have the tools for navigating in changing times and for feeling safe and secure in a chaotic world. My clients are not only happier but healthier and wealthier -and also have greater freedom and ease in their business and their lives.

I am an international kind of girl and love being on podcasts, speaking at online events, and in Facebook, groups to support my mission of acting as a bridge between  the spiritual and real-world results while changing consciousness on the planet.

Delighted to Meet You!

More about Serena

She is a dedicated Mother and Grandmother, has been married and divorced, and been a single parent. She has traveled in over 40 US States and 14 European countries as well as lived and worked abroad.

Her life and her business have been through numerous reinventions, shifts, and unexpected changes. Wherever you are, wherever you’ve been and whatever is happening now, Serena has been there too. She knows how to nurture, support, and guide you with her open heart, deep understanding, and wisdom so you easily move into the next level of your life or your business.


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