Rise UP!

 Simplify, Soulify & Amplify

Your Business

Accelerated Aligned Expansion

Here’s what happens in this bespoke private mentoring container

You’ll be energetically and compassionately supported, nurtured, and activated in a way that works for you and who you are. 

This means you’ll quite naturally expand into a bigger version of yourself and a bigger vision for your business and take action to fulfill that vision.

You’ll be going deeper and building your business on who you are at the soul level by embodying your evolved self.

You’ll tap into your potential and manifest your desires more powerfully as you realize your soul’s mission.

You’ll be on the path to sustainable, freedom-based wealth without sacrificing your freedom or well-being.

It’s time for you to claim your place in this very personalized and powerful program where you’ll be seen, heard, and supported to be more than you thought possible.

Receive Compassionate Support & Mentoring to Expand Your Wealth

You Are BEing Called

You, your business, and the world are inviting you to show up in a bigger way because you have a vital role to play at this time of ReCreation.

You are being called to keep blossoming, expanding, and evolving so that you have greater and greater influence in creating the world you want to see.

You are being called to a greater vision of yourself, of your possibilities, and of your impact and income.

And now it’s time to Rise UP and make the difference you came here to make!

What Clients Say!

Working with Serena has been a life altering experience on all fronts. She has helped me to see that what I was working towards was the most contradictory and hardest path to manifestation for my soul type.

Thanks to Serena I have implemented boundaries, begun to speak my truth and be more aware of it. I have started to sleep better and while it is on a subconscious level, I am more aware of lessons past.

Now I am confidently working on building my soul aligned spiritual ministry that focuses on aligning physical, spiritual, and mental health for its parishioners to lead a better life over all!

Catherine McGee
Life Development Vlogger

If you are feeling an uplevel coming and unsure how to embrace it, I highly recommend Serena for coaching you to your next level!!

She has wisdom and depth that comes from her experiences and years of working with clients-not just from the latest book or trendy program!!

Her connection with Source and her honed skills in reading the Akashic records provides incredible divine and aligned insights.

If you want grounded, powerful and soul-led coaching, schedule a consultation today!

Teri Valletta
Founder of Northstar Coaching

Before working with Serena, I felt confused and unsure of how I was going to reach my next level in my life and business.  

After working with her, I gained a new sense of clarity for the direction I will be taking my business and it has also helped in my personal life.  I improved my money mindset and became increasingly aware of where I needed stronger boundaries. 

I’ve doubled my income, released toxic clients, and set goals for the future that I’m already on track to reach.  Now, I feel a greater sense of peace because of these shifts.

Work with Serena because she will help you add so much value and direction to your life.  Serena holds space for you as you realize your blocks and help you break through them.  She is an amazing listener and will give you meaningful and achievable advice.

Stephanie Murray
Financial Planner

Client Results

Freedom, Impact, Income


Expanded her vision and possibilities & offered biggest program ever


Claimed her value, shifted relationship with money to double her prices


Realized the importance of her services & inspired to risk taking a big leap


Gained clarity on her next level and took new actions to fulfill it


Implemented boundaries and standards for greater success and freedom

All of this translates into greater wealth: impact, income, freedom, well-being

Rise UP! Now is Your Time!

For Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Change Makers, Visionaries, Disruptors

You are being called!

And you have the opportunity of using your business as a portal for creating your desires and the world you want to see.

Rise UP is like entering a magical elevator where you effortlessly travel up to the next floor.

With mentoring and energetic support, you’ll comfortably and safely bloom and grow into more of who you are. At the same time, you’ll flow into deconditioning from what no longer serves you.

You’ll be acknowledged for the growth and contribution you have already made and you’ll naturally leap to your next level in a compassionate and supportive container.

You’ll effortlessly broaden the vision of who you think you are and be able to take action from this amplified version of you and what is possible for you.

You’ll be inspired and be able to translate this into actions that create impact and income without sacrificing your freedom or your well-being.

You’ll become the woman who fulfills her bigger vision with ease and builds a sustainable business.

You’ll be on the path to sustainable, freedom-based wealth without sacrificing your freedom or well-being.


🌟 2 x 1-hour Zoom conferences per month

🌟  1 x 15 minute scheduled Voxer support per month  (plus 24 hour response calls)

🌟 1 x 45-minute reading of your Manifesting Archetypes in the Akashic Records

🌟 A written report on your Manifesting Archetypes and how to use them in business

🌟 Ongoing assessment of your alignment with your soul

🌟 Healing and activations

🌟 Intuitive insights, money mentoring and advice

🌟 Messages from the Akashic Record Guides

🌟 Guidance from your Quantum Human Design Chart & Your  Astrology Chart

🌟 Bonus: Templates, tools, and supporting materials as needed to create your business

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